iPhone Dev Camp #4


  • iOS 4 - Using Blocks, iVar Free Properties, Gesture Recognizers
  • Creating Animation Driven Interfaces
  • Stop the X,Y!  Using IB to create custom view cells.
  •  iAds in the Wild - Real Ad reports and Gotchas!
  • Points not Pixels - Working with Retina Displays
  • Developing for iConnectMidi 

Register here: http://iphonedevcamp4.eventbrite.com


•    Michael Sikorsky of Robots and Pencils Inc.
•    Michael Loh of iConnectivity.
•    Paul Thorsteinson of Big Nerds in Disguise
•    Brendan Duddridge of TapForms.com
•    Geoff Kratz of FarWest Software, Inc.


The dev camp starts at 9am and is open to people wanting to learn more about iPhone, iPad development, marketing, business models and funding.

It features a mix of keynotes, audience events and an AppsTrack for building both native and web based iPhone Apps.

AGENDA - Conference Track:

9:00 AM  - Open
9:15 AM  - Create Sessions & Vote, Intro 1  
9:30 AM  - Sessions 
NOON     - Break, Lunch (UGC)
1:00 PM  - Participant Sessions, Videos, Tips and Tricks.

AGENDA - Apps Track:

9:00 AM   - Kick off AppsTrack, Create Repo, Make Things :) 

New to iPhone/iPad Development - come to iPhone Dev School : http://killingmichael.com/iphone-dev-school/