iPhone Dev Camp #2


Register here: http://iphonedevcampyyc.eventbrite.com/.


•    Jon Lam of the iPhoenix Fund 1 and BigStack Studios Inc.
•    Michael Sikorsky of Robots and Pencils Inc.
•    Michael Loh of iConnectivity.
•    Trevor Doerksen of MoboVivo Inc.
•    Paul Thorsteinson of Big Nerds in Disguise
•    Isa Goksu of ThoughtWorks Inc.
•    Stephen Gazzard of Broken Kings Inc.
•    Brendan Duddridge of TapForms.com


The dev camp starts at 9am and is open to people wanting to learn more about iPhone development, marketing, business models and funding.

It features a mix of keynotes, audience events and an AppsTrack for building both native and web based iPhone Apps.

AGENDA - Conference Track:

9:00 AM  - Open
9:15 AM  - Create Sessions & Vote, Intro 1 
9:30 AM  - Michael Loh - iPhone Plug and Play Hardware
10:15 AM - Brendan Duddridge - Advanced Localization
11:00 AM - Intro 2
11:15 AM - Isa Goksu - App Building Lessons
NOON     - Break, Lunch (UGC)
1:00 PM  - Paul Thorsteinson - Lessons from Launching
1:45 PM  - Trevor Doerksen - iPad Porting Gotchas & Video
2:30 PM  - Jon Lam - The Market Update & iPGR
3:15 PM  - Stephen Gazzard - How to get & process Feedback
4:00 PM  - Participant Sessions.

AGENDA - Apps Track:

9:00 AM   - Kick off AppsTrack, Create Repo, Make Things :)

*** UPDATE: Thanks to Jon Lam from BigStack Studios -- Attendees will also receive source-code from the recently launched iPhone Game, Hottie Hookups – the example App being giving away will show how to create an OpenGL based disco-ball effect shown in these screen shots: